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The button may have your sizes, background color, text label and text color, border thickness and radius of corners.
It may be used in php- or html-page, in your HTML-form.
- This button may have borders, but its borders do not support 3D inset/outset effects.
Color allocation for this effect with shadows must be set for each pixel on each round corner, that is very complex and slow for HTML-page.
- This button type must have PNG-type to support transparent white color in the corners.
It is more easy and effective to use image button for 3D effects in round buttons.
- Small defects in the corners probably produced by php-function "ImageArc(...)".

Example of the round button in the page:
round button
< IMG SRC='vit_round_button.php?TEXT=Round+Button&W=200&H=80&R=16&THK=6&BTNRGB=009060&TEXTRGB=FFFF00' ALT='round button' NAME='my button' HSPACE=10 VSPACE=5 BORDER=0 >

This is PHP5 code to create rectangular button with rounded corners.
The button PHP-code:

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