PHP-button with 3D resin outset or inset borders

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The button may have your sizes, background color, text label and text color, border thickness and status (down or up).
It may be used in php- or html-page, in your HTML-form.
To use mouse down or mouse over effects, you need also simple JavaScript code.
This one button may be used in entire site with different text labels, sizes and colors.
Cyrillic TTF Font we have load from site TTF Russian Fonts

Example of button:
button up
< IMG SRC='vit_button_3d.php?TEXT=My+Button+UP&W=150&H=30&THK=6&BTNRGB=004080&TEXTRGB=FFFF00' ALT='button up' NAME='button up' HSPACE=10 VSPACE=5 BORDER=0 >

button down
< IMG SRC='vit_button_3d.php?TEXT=Моя+кнопка&W=150&H=30&THK=6&BTNRGB=004080&TEXTRGB=80FFFF&DOWN' ALT='button down' NAME='button down' HSPACE=10 VSPACE=5 BORDER=0 >

This is PHP5 code to create button with 3D soft (resin) borders.
Remove blank in php-tags < ?php, ? >.
I inserted it to show code and prevent php-processing.
The PHP-code of Button:

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