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Blue Violet

[548* PV3/PR173]
[Talens Gouache]
Extra-fine professional Gouache in tube 20 ml (0.7 fl.oz.)
Product TGU548

Talens Gouache

Royal Talens Gouache Extra Fine Quality.
Gouache Extra Fine is a quality product that meets the highest standards.
It is no accident that this paint enjoys worldwide popularity.
It has high pigmentation, excellent opacity and dries quickly to a velvety matte finish.
It adheres to any grease-free, porous grouns such as paper, cardboard, wood, plaster and earthenware.

Suitable for use with a brush, in an airbrush, ruling pen or lettering pen where opaque,
matte and highly brilliant color is desired.
Suitable for various purposes such as making gouaches (tempera paintings),
wet-on-wet working, applying the paint without brush strokes,
but also stencilling, stamping and printing.

It thins and cleans up with water.
Thinning with water gives watercolour-like effects.
Once dry, the work has an attractive velvety mat finish.

Royal Talens, Holland

20 ml / 45 g  Royal-Talens
$5.67 x  

Talens Gouache