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2024-05-23; 13:30:40

Fluorescent Pink 250 ml

[Omega Gouache]
Transparent gouache paint for paper, carton, wood, gyps
Product OMG06F Water-based fluorescent transparent gouache, bottle 250 ml.

The paints ready to use without diluting.

After drying it almost do not change color.

The paints can me mixed together and with water-based paints of other types (water-color,
usual gouace, acrylic etc.).

It can be used to create special effect of optical mixing of colors on a painting.

Brushes need to wash after work with water.

These paint can be used by children after 3 years old and also by professional artists.

The paints can be used at home, garden, in school, art-studio etc.

250 ml / 280 g  Omega-cat
$4.34 x  

Omega Gouache